Meet Jen

Who Am I?

G'day, I'm Jen Sheraton

I am an Australian entrepreneur with a life of experience in many different areas of business in different countries.

As an introvert I thought it would be impossible to build a business on social media, especially when I was scared to put my photo as my profile picture.

I have learnt that being an introvert can actually be a really great thing in the social media world.

And yes, an introvert can have pink/purple hair.

But a little more back story on me, before I talk about now.

It was only several years ago that I found myself unemployed (the company went into liquidation), single (my partner got a financial payout and went overseas), homeless (family would not let me live back in a house I co-owned) and in a lot of debt. It was a whirlwind of disaster for my emotional and mental health.

I was fortunate to have an extended family member take me in and let me find my feet and supported me through depression and suicidal thoughts. With the support of some amazing core people I started rebuilding my life.

I got back on my feet emotionally, mentally and physically and got a job that helped me financially get back on my feet too.

However that job was FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) in the construction industry in Samoa (Pacific Island Country) and I was away for 6 weeks and home for 1 week. Now I loved the job and being paid to work on a tropical island was great but I knew I didn't want to do this forever.

More about who I am...

I started looking at how I could have a network marketing/online business that I could run from anywhere in the world as I couldn't do parties and face to face meetings.

And this was pre-pandemic times when it wasn't as big a thing to run a network marketing business online. Then the world changed and I had to come back to Australia indefinitely.

So I decided it was time to tap back into my entrepreneurial talents and learn some new ways to build a business online.

More about who I am...

The “magic” of social media happened and I saw a post/ad about growing a business online. I acted straight away as everything I was reading felt right.

I learnt how to use social media and online methods that felt comfortable and my business started to grow.

The last couple of years have led me to where I am today....a student of Attraction Marketing and now a Mentor with Attraction Marketing. I definitely didn't think this is where my path would lead but I love it.

The skills I learnt at Attraction Marketing also enabled me to create my own Masterclass and Coaching Program in an area that I love - positive mindset, goal setting & achieving, affirmation writing and journaling.

I get to help other network marketers and online business people to build their business and/or team using authentic social media methods from anywhere in the world.

If this sounds like what you have been looking for and would like to work with me - Click the button below.

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