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The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Hi, I'm Jen!

I have been a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) worker in the construction industry for many years. With a crazy rotation roster and being based overseas for the past few years, I decided I wanted to build a business that I could do from anywhere in the world.

Having learnt so many tools to be able to do this successfully, I want to share my knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs.

My passion is to help like minded network marketers and online business owners to build a thriving business using tried and tested methods.

I have also used the skills I have learnt to publish my first book on Amazon, a Gratitude Journal. This was a passion project that I can now share with the world

This has now become a part of my Coaching Program. You can join the Affirmation Mastery: Gratitude Journal Masterclass to learn how to write effective affirmations and achieve your goals with a daily habit that has worked for me.

Always With Gratitude


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3 Things You Need To Give Up Doing To Succeed in Business

April 30, 20243 min read

There are some habits that we all have that are not productive to growing our business. I’m sure you don’t realise some of them….or you know you do it just not admitting it to yourself.

So, my Top 3 bad habits are:

1. Scrolling Through Social Media

How many times have you sat down to look at Facebook or Instagram or Tik Tok or YouTube and just find yourself scrolling through your feed?

Then you find yourself watching a funny dog or cat video and then you watch the next suggested video and before you know it you have been watching videos for 30 mins, an hour or more!

Be intentional when you go on social media. Join some groups or pages of people relevant to your business or target market. This will put you more inline with the mindset you need and is also a way to gain more

knowledge. Interacting in these groups is a great way to learn but also gain recognition as an authority in a topic you are passionate about.

You are not joining these groups to spam them with your product or get customers. You are there to build relationships. If someone posts a question and you know a solution – be helpful and comment. If you do this consistently people will recognise your name popping up often with helpful comments and they may go and check your page out. You never know where that may lead.

I’m not saying to not go on social media but be intentional about what you do when you are. Watch videos from your mentors or leaders in your field.

2. Binge watching TV

We are all guilty of finding a great new series on Netflix or other streaming channels and starting with episode 1…..and then 2…..then 3 and before you know it you have watched 5 series of a show. I’m guilty of it, well maybe not 5 series at once.

Relaxing and watching a movie or an episode or two is okay. It’s all about moderation.

Make watching an episode of your favourite show a reward for doing X amount of work. For example after I have finished writing content for my posts on Facebook this week and responded to customer emails and written a blog – I can watch an episode. Or something like that.

It’s about being different to the masses and doing the work to succeed in your business.

3. Sleeping In Late

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but a habit of all successful people is to get up early. Using the time first thing in the morning to meditate or write in a journal or pray or a similar acitivity is very important to becoming successful.

Whichever thing you choose to do, do it with a positive mindset and focus.

I do mix it up and one day I will start the day writing affirmations and then the next day might be meditating with a guided meditation audio. There is no right way to start the day as long as you are doing an activity that is positive and beneficial.

Set your alarm for 20 or 30 mins earlier than usual and start the practice each day.

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"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams".



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