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I Help Entrepreneurs to Build a Thriving Online Business using Authentic Social Media methods to Achieve their Goals.

The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Hi, I'm Jen!

I have been a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) worker in the construction industry for many years. With a crazy rotation roster and being based overseas for the past few years, I decided I wanted to build a business that I could do from anywhere in the world.

Having learnt so many tools to be able to do this successfully, I want to share my knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs.

My passion is to help like minded network marketers and online business owners to build a thriving business using tried and tested methods.

I have also used the skills I have learnt to publish my first book on Amazon, a Gratitude Journal. This was a passion project that I can now share with the world

This has now become a part of my Coaching Program. You can join the Affirmation Mastery: Gratitude Journal Masterclass to learn how to write effective affirmations and achieve your goals with a daily habit that has worked for me.

Always With Gratitude


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The Only Way You’ll Ever Build a Money-Making Home-Based Business…

April 30, 20242 min read

Do you think that your low sales and inability to recruit new team members are a product of someone interfering with YOUR efforts? Are you constantly blaming other people for your own failures? Is it your sponsor’s fault? The product’s fault? The company’s fault?

It’s easier to blame others for your own failures – most people do. It’s easier to say things just weren’t “meant to be” than it is to actually put in the effort required to make things happen. It’s easier to follow the crowd than it is to find your own path –but who said building a successful MLM business was easy?

Sadly, over 95% of all networkers quit the MLM industry within their first year. They see little to no results, get frustrated, start pointing fingers (mainly at their upline or their company), and end up making some excuse or other for quitting.

I hate to break it to you, but it takes hard work and perseverance to join a business opportunity, build an online presence, brand yourself as an expert, earn the public’s trust, and close enough sales to earn that extra $500 every month so you can start paying your way out of debt and achieve financial independence.

If you want to build a profitable home-based business, you have to realize that each and every failure –and therefore, every success– is a product of the things YOU do and who YOU are.

Take OWNERSHIP of your own mistakes instead of looking for someone or something to blame. Look to see how you can learn and grow from your mistakes.

The moment you take CONTROL of your life and your MLM business is the moment you’ll stop making excuses and start finding solutions!

If you are having trouble closing because you’re uncomfortable asking people for their money, read Dani Johnson’s Closing Script book.

Want to learn more strategies to grow your network marketing business?  Click here for a free resource.

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"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams".



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